Babett Kenyeres

2020.10.10. Visontai Bányató

Virag Hajdu



My favourite photoshoot ever. One day I woke up with an image in front of my eyes. Red T-shirt, White stockings and the Blue sky. Virag and I met an early morning in October. The weather was extremely cold.

Fortunately the sun has risen exactly when we arrived to the shooting place. The sunshine had an absolutely vivid gold color. This was the light that I want to put in to my pocket and take it everywhere. I always take a piece of glass with me, that’s what you can see in the pictures. The whole second photo at the bottom is a reflection from the glass. Virag is a professional model, so we finished with the photoshoot early. After the “work” was done, we drank a cup of tea, and ate some cookies.

Georgina Torok



I met Gina here for the first time. I truly loved this photoshoot and this pictures. Gina is pretty talented model, the work is really fast with her. It was one of my most colorful photo series, but i think its more elegant in Black & White We were in a famous photo studio in Budapest, which has been closed since then. This was my favourite photoshoot there. Many thanks for the perfect Makeup to Virag Molnar.

London Street

One of my treasured fields of interest is doing portraits. Each person’s gaze, movements and enviroment tells a different story. This feeling enormously increases when the subject of the photograpy does not suspect he/she is being captured on camera as they are acting honestly and expressively.

A large city is not “big” from its monumental buildings but from its vibrant life. You can’t find its true face nor culture among the tourist masses. I am strolling through one of the most crowded districts of the metropolis: Kensington, Portobello Market:


Diana Nagy


I really love unusual things, like multiple and long exposures, wide angle lens and photo manipulations. These effects are more spectacular in Black & White. In this series: Tram window, Stripes on cloth, Clouds. By the way I like Clouds.



Daniel Kiraly

Gyöngyös 2020.06.13.

Daniel is one of my very best friends. We just simply walked out of a pub, and took some photos at the nearest spots. For example: Housing estate, Garage entrance, Sport field. It was an extremely hot summer day, so we had to hurry because our cold beers were waiting for US.

Flora Fodor



The exam period was approaching at school. Most of my best pictures are taken at this time. This series is also about the harmony of human and nature. We've never met Flora before. She was so kind that she came down to me from Budapest. This was my most unusual photoshoot. We climbed a mountain, fell off the mountain, froze (especially Flora), took half of the house out into the nature. (glasses, furnitures)

The photos were taken with an old M42 lens or found old Anamorphic pre-lens. You can see the result of sideways. (Very strong Chromatic Aberration (CA), is a failure of a lens to focus all colors to the same point) Between them is the excellent Supertakumar 50mm f1.4. I love the warm colors of the lens, soft image and background blur. Makeup by: Virag Molnar. Thanks for the excellent work Ladies.

Petra Papp

Prime Model Management

2020.01.10. Budapest

Flora Fabian

Gyöngyös-Rédei-víztároló 2020.06.22.


Pandemic 2020


Hampstead Heath

Borough Market

Portobello Market

Regens Street


usiness portraits

Business Portraits have to be pure, considerable, elegant, and the color blue gives more sympathy. The photos were made in Hungary, (Budapest) in the UK (Lincoln). People on the picture: Tamas Welczenbach, Wimal Morapitiye, Tamas Lantos and Levente Barna. I had a lot of wonderful job with them. Levente Barna is one of the developers, who created

In harmony with



I really like five things in the nature. Cloudy Sky, Water, Plants, Textures, Lights and Shadows. I am in love with these things.

Virag Hajdu



I took some pics with Virag again. We tried to bring a piece from the past. Lake Cserko is one of my favourite place, I spent a lot of time there, when I was a child. Antique stuff look pretty cool outdoor, and the final result is more wonderful when the nature is breathtaking around it.